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NEW BRAND      DDK2 Series 

We, Acom, entered the industry in 1991 and started business in May 2006 under the name "Acom", and took the first step in the Korean air compressor market with the opening of a wave-type air compressor dealership with Gardener Denver Korea in the United States.

Since then, we have been concentrating on technology development for the system, developing and supplying the world's first tank mount type, and since then, we have grown into a low-noise type and an OEM (OEM).

In the future, we have started anew from 2019 with better products and service improvements for our customers.

In the endless world global competition, our companies are getting more difficult day by day.

Acom is doing its best for steady product development and quality improvement even in this reality.

In addition, we will become a reliable partner with the mindset of coexistence with consumers.

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